Beginners Guide to SSL Certificates

Beginners Guide to SSL Certificates

Beginners Guide to SSL - Whitepapers Download

    Have you ever observed that some website URLs start with “http://” and others websites start with “https://”? Might you have noticed that extra “s” in the website URL when you are browsing any websites?

    Everyone has to start learning somewhere when who are working with new technology and developing products. Here is our whole concept is simple and easy to understand the importance of SSL to your website security solutions need. If you’re an e-business owner or a webmaster of website or someone interested in learning about SSL certificates, this SSL beginner’s guide white paper should be perfect for you.

    Once you understand the importance of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) then it’s easy for you to explain it to your supervisors or boss, and the website owners or e-Commerce site management about why SSL Certificate is being recommended to install SSL on your website.

    This whitepaper will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to SSL Certificate, as well as SSL benefits, the importance of SSL Certificate and how SSL can maximize a website security and protect customers’ data.

    Beginners Guide to SSL Certificate


    The following below topics covered in the Beginners guide to SSL Certificates white paper.

    • Introduction
    • What is HTTPS?
    • What Is an SSL Certificate?
    • Benefits to Using SSL Certificates
    • SSL Works Well for SEO as Well
    • How Does SSL Work?
    • When Would a Business Owner Need to Use an SSL Certificate?
    • How Do I Know If a Website Is Protected by SSL Certificate?
    • Why SSL is So Important to Every Website?
    • Different Types of SSL Certificates
    • How to Set Up an SSL Certificate
    • Acmetek – SSL Brands Certificates Services
    • About Acmetek
    • Conclusion
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