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Acmetek – Next Generation superior source for all of your Enterprise Solutions from industry’s leading security solution providers. We provide Managed PKI for your organizations to issue, renew, and revoke digital certificates.

Enterprise Security Solutions for Business, Industry & Government

Today’s cybersecurity challenges are complicated. Are you worried about how you can provide advanced IT Security for your organization? What is your biggest security risk? Organisations have to ask themselves how they will manage these cyber security issues. Regardless of the business size that stores financial assets, customer sensitive data, business intelligence or intellectual property is a prime target for cybercriminals every day.

What’s the biggest challenge you face is security to your business? How can you defend your organization from cyber attacks? Do you know how important information security management service is to your business? However, with innovative technology in security solutions and unmatched expertise, Acmetek’s IT Security solutions address all your security needs and protects your organization from cyber attacks.

Enterprises require an integrated, collaborative security approach that automatically shares intelligence for real-time threat response. Acmetek will be able to provide tailor-made IT Security solutions that meet your requirement.

Enterprise Security

Acmetek Provide IT Security Products for Your Company

Acmetek is a platinum partner and a trusted advisor of security solutions and services. With our accreditation of Platinum Partner Status, we could secure bulk discounts to pass it on to our customers for the exact same product you would buy from direct.

Acmetek provides a comprehensive range of enterprise security solutions that protect gateways, servers, websites and clients with firewall security, threats, intrusion detection and vulnerability management, virus protection and virtual private networking. Acmetek’s IT Security Services deliver industry-leading real-time security monitoring, management and response to enhance an organisation’s information security landscape and help defend against emerging threats.

Acmetek – 7 Layers of Security Solutions at Your Fingertips:

  • SSL Certificates
  • Digital Singing Certificates
  • Endpoint Security
  • Multifactor Authentication Or 2 Fa
  • Distributed Denial Of Service – DDoS
  • Web Application Firewall – Waf
  • Malware Removal
IT Security Products

We also offer Managed PKI for SSL and manage the process of getting, renewing, and replacing SSL and code signing certificates to our Enterprise customers.

Acmetek IT Security solutions are designed to detect, prevent and secure from the cyberattacks. We offer hassles free service to our customers.

  • Affordable cost security solutions
  • Without adding stress to your security resources
  • Pre and post sales technical support 24/7,365 days

Right Enterprise Security Solutions & Compliance from Acmetek

Trust us to protect your network from cyber attacks. We pride ourselves on delivering IT Security solutions and services tailored to our client’s expectations. We start by analyzing customer’s suitable needs and then recommend and deploy security solutions to meet all their specific requirements when they need them.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

  • Data protection
  • Data loss prevention
  • Data access and control
Enpoints Security


  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Endpoint patching & analysis
  • Malware protection
Mobile Security


  • Transaction protection
  • Device management
  • Content security
Network Security


  • Network forensics
  • Firewalls and sandboxing
  • Virtual patching
  • Network visibility & segmentation
IoT Device Security

IoT Device Security

  • Protect enterprise infrastructure
  • Protect smart devices & applications
  • Minimizing risk & addressing cybersecurity threats to IoT systems
Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

  • Malware removal
  • Indicators of compromise
  • Protect against phishing, spam attacks etc…
Advanced Fraud

Advanced Fraud

  • Fraud protection
  • Fraud prevention
  • Criminal detection
Application Security


  • Application scanning
  • Web application security management

Securing Your Enterprise with Acmetek

Our IT Security solutions that meet your organization’s ever-changing security needs. Our security products, technology skills combined with our experience in the security industry uniquely qualifies us as a solution provider for both the Private and Public sectors.

Threat Prevention Solutions

Threat Prevention Solutions

Protect the integrity of internal and external data stores, application environments, and networks against cyber threats.
Endpoint Solutions

End-point Solutions

The leading multi-layered endpoint protection platform to protect your on-site and mobile devices and network appliances against malware attacks.
Remediation Solutions

Remediation Solutions

Identify suspicious files, file access control and those classified as malicious attacks and this will be prevented with malware security solutions.

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