SSL Management, Automation and Discovery (CIC – Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center)
SSL Management, Automation and
Discovery (CIC).

Certificate Intelligence Center powered by Symantec helps provide a complete view of SSL security across the enterprise, allowing administrators to take full control of all SSL certificates issued by any Certificate Authority. By scanning and centralising data into one central repository, Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center gives administrators the detailed intelligence they need to manage the enterprise SSL environment quickly and easily.


For today’s enterprise, SSL security is more critical—and more difficult to manage—than ever before. With network infrastructure that spans multiple groups of servers, organizational units, and locations, managing SSL Certificates can be a complex, time-consuming process that burdens IT teams and puts a drain on resources.

  • Unexpected Expirations
  • Mis-configured Certificates
  • Missed Server install
  • Unknown Network Typologies
Automate SSL certificate lifecycle
management to increase resource
Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center automates SSL certificate lifecycle management for operational efficiency with large and midsize enterprises. Built on a robust infrastructure, the cloud-based service also discovers and monitors all SSL certificates from any Certificate Authority to help ensure business continuity and compliance.
Key Benefits of CIC:
  • Increase Operational Efficiency:

    Automate lifecycle management including installation and renewal. Automate upgrades from non-Symantec to Symantec Certificates.

  • Leverage Best-in-Class Service:

    Leverage a proven, global PKI infrastructure with 100 percent uptime since 2004. Scan from tens to thousands of servers across large networks by leveraging a distributed and high-performance architecture. Leverage a configurable system and avoid customization to enhance business agility.

  • Mitigate Security and Non-compliance Risks:

    Catalog and monitor all SSL certificates. Get security and compliance rating, as well as recommended actions on all SSL certificates based on industry best practices and standards.

  • Maintain Business Continuity:

    Receive notifications, alerts, reports on all SSL certificates, including self-signed certificates, and from any Certificate Authority. View summary and detailed information on all SSL certificates using a central dashboards.

Discovery and Business Continuity
Certificate Intelligence

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