Two Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication

A Easy-to-Implement security resource!
Incapsula offers the simplest-to-implement Two-Factor Authentication solution for any website or application. Activated with a single click, without installing any plugins, making code changes or having to integrate multiple sources that makes a complicated and frustrating environment.

How It Works
Why use Incapsula’s
Two Factor Authentication?
  • Protect administrative access to websites and applications (for example: Login to administrator areas).
  • Protect remote access to corporate web applications (for example: a company’s web mail, partners’ portal, employees’ portal, development application, etc.).
  • Restrict access to any part of a web application or any webpage (for example: new website page, temporary section, staging sites, etc).
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Incapsula’s Two Factor Authentication Advantages


5-minute setup,
no integration, coding,
or software changes


No disruption to the
site’s existing
page and user


Simple and
immediate user


Centralized control
over multiple logins,
across several
Incapsula VS other Two Factor Authentication
How Incapsula Handles Two factor Authentication vs other providers.

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