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Our 7 Layers of Security Solutions

Go with the extra mile security solutions for all your IT Technology needs - We work with a number of select vendors who can provide real value in today's security industry, both for enterprise and small and midsize business. With over a decade of experience in the security industry, we are a leading provider of security solutions and services. By taking the time to understand your e-business and its requirements, we become a trusted advisor and business partners, assisting you in achieving your cybersecurity solutions through the provision of industry-leading distributorship services.

Protect Data with Encryption
Building customer’s loyalty isn’t easy, but the effort is worth it. Your Organization’s reputation depends on protecting customer’s data safe. Acmetek’s SSL Certificates creates an encrypted connection between the web browser and web servers to prevent hackers from reading sensitive data that transferring to or from your website.
Digital Signing
Securing Electronic Documents
Acmetek offers the different class of Digital Signing Certificates to help organization and individuals secure online transactions. Digital Signature Certificates adopted by various government agencies and now is a statutory requirement in various applications.
Intelligent Security Against the
Next Generation of Threats
Acmetek Endpoint Security solutions include network security, data security, endpoint protection mobile, PCs, laptops, tablets, IoT devices and advanced threat prevention for complete endpoint protection. Our Endpoint Security solution that delivers a multi-layered security platform for a complete endpoint protection against cyber threats.
Multifactor Authentication
or 2 FA
Enterprise-grade Authentication
Made Easy for Everyone
Acmetek’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions have been designed to provide safeguard passwords protected, online accounts and transactions by offering 2-factor additional layer of security. Multi-factor authentication will be verifying your identity and reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your accounts as well as your passwords can’t be compromised.
Distributed Denial of Service
– DDoS
Protect Your Organization Against
any DDoS Threats
DDoS attacks are on the rise, and acute every year. Let’s take the action against DDoS Attacks. Acmetek is a most important aspect of a DDoS attack reduction solution provider by giving you the tools to protect your vulnerability applications against a range of application layer attacks.
Web Application Firewall
Protect Application Layer Attacks
Unprotected web applications are like an open door to enter for hackers and vulnerable to a number of various attacks. Acmetek’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution helps you detect and block unauthorized intrusions such as SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting, malicious bots, and other OWASP Top 10 threats to prevent from the security attacks.
Cloud-Based, Comprehensive Website
Security Solutions
It is not an easy task to detect and removing malware code from your site. Acmetek is a trusted Malware Removal service provider to help e-business people with remove malware, spyware, and viruses from your website. Our security experts will help you find and remove any malware and backdoors from your website. We fix all the bugs on your site might have to prevent future hacker’s attacks.
We Keep Your Website Safe from Hacking Threats
Acmetek help you to secure your site from hackers regardless of what type of website you have! Our SSL Certificates solutions monitoring service checks your website regularly for malware, vulnerability, viruses, or drive-by download scripts that hackers have injected into your website. If you’ve installed SSL certificate on your website will protect your business against cyber-attacks and on the fly it will clean up malicious code insertions from cyber threats to secure your website.
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Why SSL is Important to e-Commerce or Every Website?

Every e-business has security loophole, say loud how strong is yours?

SSL is becoming a more important factor in ranking site and secure visitors data.
Get your online business security with SSL Certificates:
  • To Secure Your Website
  • To Gain Your Customers’ Trust
  • To Increase Your e-Commerce Business Profits
  • To Secure Online Debit or Credit Card Transactions
  • To Secure Online Login, Sensitive Data Information Transmitted via Web Forms
  • To Secure Any other Protected Areas of Websites
  • To Boost SEO Ranking Signal on Google Search by Securing Your Website
  • To Securing Your Mail Severs and applications like Outlook Web Access,
    Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications Server
Over the years, Acmetek has won many awards, highlights recognitions received for our commitment to excellence services.
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