DigiCert SSL Certificates
DigiCert SSL Certificates utilize 256-Bit Encryption (the highest level of encryption available based on most current standards). Acmetek offers the exclusive discount on DigiCert Certificates. Request price quote for Digicert SSL Certificate today!

DigiCert SSL Certificates

Digicert Acquired Symantec’s Website Security and PKI Products and Services

DigiCert completes acquisition of Symantec’s certificate authority business on 31st October. The deal to acquire Symantec’s Website Security and Related PKI Solutions was first announced on August 3rd. DigiCert is a leading provider of scalable identity and encryption solutions. Read More

Symantec Website Security acquired by DigiCert
Wide Range of SSL Certificates and PKI Solutions

DigiCert uses industry-leading SSL encryption for all products, with various security solutions for website and server security. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates will increase customer’s trust and confidence in order to help your website reach more potential. Wildcard SSL Certificates protect multiple subdomains under one SSL certificate. Compare and buy DigiCert SSL Certificates here at Acmetek, to make sure that protect your website and safeguard customer’s online presence.

Protect your business and customer data with SSL Certificates from the most world most recognized certificate authority (CA). DigiCert’s certificates meet Google’s SEO requirements. Acmetek can help to secure your entire networks from malware, vulnerabilities, and cyber-attacks.

Types of DigiCert Certificates
  • Extended Validation SSL Certificates.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates.
  • Standard SSL.
  • Multi-Domain SSL.
  • EV Multi-Domain SSL.
  • Code Signing Certificates.
  • Document Signing Certificates.
Features Digicert SSL Certificates

Advantages & Features of DigiCert SSL Certificates

  • 24/7 support.
  • Issuing speed.
  • High level encryption.
  • Great value for money.
  • Strongest 256-bit encryption.
  • Certificate Utility with one-click installation.
  • Validates proof of domain ownership and organization identity.
  • Highest-rated Certificate Authority for customer service worldwide.
  • Free reissues and replacements for the lifetime of the certificate.

Browser Support

DigiCert all SSL certificates are compatible with the largest and most commonly used internet browsers. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Digicert SSL Certificates Browser Support

Digicert Authorized Partner

Why Buy DigiCert SSL Certificates from Acmetek?

Acmetek is an authorized distributor of DigiCert Certificate Authority, we offer special prices and discounts compare to the current market price or vendor prices. We recommend DigiCert as one of our preferred provider of SSL certificates for businesses, in case if you have any concern regarding choosing the right certificate for your business security need, then you can contact us directly or request call-back option so that one of our trusted security advisors get in touch with your shortly.

DigiCert SSL Certificate Prices

Request a DigiCert SSL Certificate pricing from Acmetek. We offer DigiCert SSL Certificates at discounted prices across the globe. Choose the right DigiCert SSL product to protect your website and safeguard customer’s data. Get a free SSL quote quickly and easily. Save time and money with our low prices and 24/7 customer service.

DigiCert SSL Certificates       DigiCert
Products Validation Warranty Issuance  
Standard SSL Organization $1,000,000 1-2 Days
EV SSL Extended $1,000,000 5 -7 Days
Multi-Domain SSL Organization $1,000,000 1-2 Days
EV Multi-Domain SSL Extended $1,000,000 5 -7 Days
Wildcard SSL Organization $1,000,000 1-2 Days

About DigiCert, Inc

DigiCert, Inc. is a U.S. based Certificate Authority located in Lehi, Utah, which provides premier online trust provider of enterprise security solutions with a special importance on authentication, high-assurance digital certificates, SSL Certificates and PKI solutions.

DigiCert serves over 115,000 customers in more than 180 countries. DigiCert offers diversified SSL certificates to every industry, including government, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, and education industries for more than 10 years. DigiCert has 24/7 customer support and brings modern algorithm to customers.

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