Domain Validated Certificates

Domain Validated SSL Certificates

Domain Validated SSL Certificates are issued by Certification Authority (CA). DV certificates recommended for small or medium level website owners like personal websites, information publishing sites, and blogs where the need to secure basic encryption data like logins, forms filling or any other non-transactional sensitive data.
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What is Domain SSL Certificate?
DV” standard for Domain-Validated Certificate.

Domain Validated SSL Certificates offer the strong encryption level compared with Organization Validation and Extended Validation certificates, but DV certificates do not provide more trust indicators such as authentication or organization name with green address bar in the web browsers.

Domain Validation Certificate activates the PADLOCK icon and HTTPS in the web browser. This indicates trust and confidence to your website visitors safeguard experience to their security protection.

Website owners who wish to validate only the domains can be adopted DV SSL certificates.

The Process of Domain Validated SSL Certificates
The Domain Validation certificate process is very simple and easy. The website owner has to prove the domain ownership to the Certificate Authority (CA).

The CA will send you to file based (HTML file) or email verification with a confirmation link or they can directly check with domain ownership via Domain Registrar’s information. After purchasing the Domain Validated Certificate this validation process can be done within minutes to set up and installed the certificate immediately.

Key Features of Domain Validated SSL

  • Entry Level Certificate
  • Issued Within Minutes
  • Low-Cost SSL Certificate
  • NetSure Warranty $500,000
  • No Paperwork for Validation
  • Site Seal for Visual Assurance
  • Increase User’s Trust With HTTPS
  • Secure Both www and Non-www Domains
  • Encryption Strength up to 256-bit
  • Compatible with 99% of All Major Browsers
  • Unlimited Server License and Reissuance
Low Cost SSL Certificates

Low-Cost SSL Certificates

Choose cheap SSL Certificates from well-known SSL brands. Save money& time when buying Domain Validated SSL Certificates.
Basic Trust Indicator

Basic Trust Indicator

HTTPS, PADLOCK icon, and Site Seal trust indicators give assurance to your website visitors that your website is secured, verified business, and their sensitive data is safe.

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How Do I Purchase a Domain Validated Certificate?

You can instantly enable the HTTP to HTTPS for your website with Domain Validated SSL certificate by requesting an SSL Quote option service from Acmetek. DV SSL Certificates are very cheap compared to EV SSL and OV SSL Certificates but the level of authentication and other features are varied.

Get your DV SSL issued in minutes. Secure your website immediately. If you want to know more about SSL Certificate, please talk to our SSL expert advisor directly via phone call.
Why Acmetek?
Acmetek is an Elite Platinum Partner with DigiCert group SSL Certificates providers. DV SSL certificates are available in Thawte, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL certificates brands. Buy DV SSL Certificates at the lowest price from us now. Enable HTTPS security on your website immediately today!

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