Multi Domain SSL (SAN/UCC) Certificates

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

What Is a Multi-Domain SSL Certificate?

The Multi-Domain SSL Certificates also known as SAN/UCC (SAN “Subject Alternative Names” or UCC “Unified Communications Certificate) Certificate, this type of certificate can save time and money by secure up to 100 different fully qualified domain names (FQDN) and sub-domains with a single certificate.

Multi-Domain Certificate is issued by Certificate Authority (CA), If you’re Organization/Company has different ventures or launching new ventures to have websites for them to manage different domain names and subdomains on a single server under one Company Name to secure websites you need to buy Organization Validated Certificate or Extended Validated Certificate. This will be a huge cost to invest money in protecting the websites. Therefore, Multi Domain SSL Certificate is the best solution to protect domains, build trust and increase confidence on your websites to get more conversions.

Multi-Domain Certificate is highly recommended to use those who have the bulk of multiple domains and subdomains securing from cyber-attacks.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates are available in Organization Validated and Extended Validated SSL types of certificates. You can buy leading SSL brands certificates at the lowest price from Acmetek.

Features and Benefits of Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

  • Trusted by over 99.9% All Browsers
  • Certificate Unlimited Issuance Policy and Server Licenses
  • Dynamic GeoTrust True Site Seal Along With Date/Time Stamp
  • Easiest Way to Manage Certificates with a Powerful Certificate Management Portal
  • NetSure Warranty $1,250,000
  • Validity Options: up to 2 Years
  • Up to 256 Bit Encryption
  • 1-2 Days Issuance
  • Multiplicity: SAN/Multi-Domain/UCC/Wildcard Options Available
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Protect up to 100 Domains – Save Your Time and Money
  • Secure All Your Domains with a Single Certificate
  • Boost Your Google Search Ranking with HTTPS/SSL
  • Indicate Full Organization Authentication of Your Business to Your Customers
  • 24/7 FREE SSL Expert Support

How Does Multi-Domains (SAN) SSL Certificate Works?

A Multi Domain SSL Certificate can be used to secure different kinds of below example domains and sub domains:

Multi Domain SSL Certificates

Why Acmetek?

Acmetek Platinum Partner with DigiCert group SSL Certificates providers. Multi-Domain SSL certificates are available only in GeoTrust SSL brand. You can buy Multi Domain SSL Certificates at cheapest price from us today!

We provide cost-effective SSL products solutions to our customers. If you need any specific requirements or you want to know more information about SSL products, please Request Call Back for SSL or Request SSL Quote option service from Acmetek. Our SSL expert support team will get back to you soon.

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