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256 Bit Encryption, Site Seal, and the highest level of Authentication SSL Certificates from RapidSSL Certificate Authority (CA).

RapidSSL® SSL Certificates

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RapidSSL – Low-Cost SSL Certificates Provider

RapidSSL is a Certificate Authority based in Mountain View, California and it established in 2003. RapidSSL is a subsidiary of GeoTrust Certificate Authority brand. RapidSSL provides low-cost SSL Certificates to small and medium-sized businesses.

RapidSSL SSL Certificates are easy to install and they can be issued certificates within minutes and they offer all certificates with up to 256-bit encryption. If you want to secure website immediately then the RapidSSL Certificate is the best option for securing your website from hackers.


RapidSSL Site Seal

You can add the RapidSSL Site Seal by uploading HTML code on your Home Page, payment page, sign-up page and also can add wherever customers need trust and assurance on your web pages to filling their sensitive data on your website. RapidSSL Site Seal can give the security and trust indicator to your customers that your website is protected by the RapidSSL Certificate Authority (CA).

To learn installation instructions click on install the RapidSSL Site Seal on your website.

RapidSSL Certificates Price in India

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Why RapidSSL Certificates?

Do you care to protect customers’ while browsing the website or sensitive data during transactions on your website? Your customers don’t feel safe there’s no customer trust on your website? And if you think your website is not safe, then you are leaving the back door wide open to major cyber-attacks and data breaches. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is essential for securing your website from cyber-attacks.

If you are looking for a quick SSL encryption to your website security than the RapidSSL is the best option for your site security needs. RapidSSL Certificate Authority issues Domain Validated SSL Certificates only. RapidSSL Certificate is recommended for low website traffic and low volume transactions or website administration areas.

You can also secure unlimited subdomains with RapidSSL Wildcard SSL Certificates. This RapidSSL Certificate comes up with up to 256-bit SSL encryption and 99% all browser compatibility. Protect your website and customers data safe with RapidSSL Certificate today!

RapidSSL Certificates

Benefits and Features of RapidSSL Certificates

  • Recognised by over 99% of All Browsers
  • Automated Online Validation – No Paperwork
  • Secure www and Non-www domains
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Issued Within Minutes
  • Up to 256-Bit SSL Encryption
  • FREE “Secured By RapidSSL” Site Seal
  • Domain Validation
  • Domain Name Shown On Certificate Only
  • NetSure Warranty up to $10,000
  • Secure All Sub domains
  • Unlimited Self-Service Re-Issues During Life of Certificate
  • Unlimited Server Support
  • 24/7 FREE SSL Professional Support

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Acmetek is a Platinum Partner with RapidSSL Certificates provider and authorized reseller of RapidSSL Certificate Authority (CA) and you will get the same standard encryption and quality RapidSSL SSL products at a special discount price to our customers.

We offer RapidSSL Certificates and RapidSSL Wildcard certificates at cheaper in India. You can buy quickly and install the certificate without difficulty and inconvenience. Our SSL expert support team available 24x7x365 support. If you need any further information, please contact us or request call-back or request an SSL quotation option services from Acmetek.

Why Acmetek

Compare Rapid SSL Certificates

If you are a bit of confusion for deciding which RapidSSL Certificate will best fit your needs, then refer the RapidSSL Certificates comparison chart for better understanding the difference between the certificates features and benefits.


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