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Symantec™ SSL Certificates

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Symantec global leader in ssl certificates

Symantec – The World’s #1 Website Security Solutions Provider

Symantec is an American software company headquartered in Mountain View, California, U.S. Symantec was founded in 1982 and it has focused on providing software data security, backup, data storage etc. On May 19, 2010, Symantec acquired VeriSign’s authentication business services, since the acquisition of VeriSign it expanding their technologies stream in website security solutions. 
In August 2012, Symantec completed the rebranding process of the Verisign SSL Certificate Service by renaming the VeriSign Trust Seal logo to Norton Secured Seal logo as well as VeriSign Brand logo to Symantec Brand logo. DigiCert completes acquisition of Symantec’s certificate authority business on 31st October

Verisign logo Changed to symantec Logo

Symantec currently owns few other SSL brands like GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL certificate authorities. Symantec is the global market leader in the Cyber Security Solutions Industry.

Symantec SSL/TLS Certificates are used by different services industries websites includes Financial, Healthcare, Banking, Education institutes, Government sectors, Companies and online business of all sizes. Symantec provides strong encryption up to 256-bit SSL certificates and offering most powerful HTTPS security in the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) industry.

Website security is most important for any size of organizations or online business owners and safeguards customers from cyber threats. Symantec Certificate Authority providing Organization and Extended Validation Certificates with the high level of SSL strong security encryption across the globe.

Symantec SSL Certificates Price in India

Acmetek offers the best price Symantec SSL Certificates with additional special discount offers in India. Request quote for SSL Certificate price comparison and its benefits to your website security need. 


Symantec SSL Certificates       Symantec
Products Insurance Issuance Validation  
Secure Site 1.5M 1-2 Days Organization
Secure Site Pro 1.5M 1-2 Days Organization
Secure Site EV 1.75M 5-7 Days Extended
Secure Site Pro EV 1.75M 5-7 Days Extended
Secure Site Wildcard 1.5M 1-2 Days Organization
Symantec Safe Site 1.5M 1-2 Days Organization
Microsoft Authenticode 1.5M 1-2 Days Organization
Microsoft Office and VBA 1.5M 1-2 Days Organization
Sun Java 1.5M 1-2 Days Organization

Norton Secured Seal

All Symantec SSL Certificates come up with Norton Secured Seal. When you displaying the Norton Secured Seal on your website can increase traffic or attract more new visitors’ and sales conversions to your business website success. The Norton Secured Seal will give assurance to the website visitors that they trust the Norton Secured Seal link, trust the website and with confidence customers can transmitting sensitive data or financial transaction where the Norton Secured Seal visible on website pages and all the stages of payment process to buy a product or services on your website.

You can buy Symantec SSL Certificates directly from Acmetek at the cheapest price. If you need any further information on our SSL products and services, please contact us or request call-back option services.

Symantec Norton Secured Seal

Why Symantec SSL/TLS Certificates?

Are you thinking how to ensure the security of financial transactions from your website? Do you need extra layers of security to your Website? Do your customers looking for a high level of trust indicator on your website when browsing the site or transacting sensitive data through your website? If these type of questions are triggering in your mind to prevent from cyber-attacks or online transaction fraud then you need Symantec SSL Certificate.

Symantec is the most trusted SSL Certificate provider in the world and it is a world’s best certificate authority (CA). Symantec SSL Certificate will create quick boost your websites’ confidence and trust to your customers in order to generate more leads. Symantec has multiple SSL Certificate options to fit various website security requirement needs.

Why Symantec SSL Certificates


Millions of web users trust the Symantec SSL brand and Symantec SSL certificates have additional features with their certificates that increase more trust and authority in the world security industry. Symantec is a global leader in providing website security solutions to help their customers and organizations secure and manage customers or website visitors’ database safe from cyber-attacks. Symantec SSL led to increasing more website traffic and better leads or sales conversion from your online business.

Symantec SSL/TLS helps to protect and secure website visitors data safe online with SSL strong encryption up to 256-bit encryption algorithm.

Symantec also offers Multi-Domain SSL Certificate or SAN (Subject Alternative Name) certificate option that can help you to protect the number of different domain names with SSL or you can go with Wildcard SSL Certificate if you need to secure more subdomain with a single certificate.

Here are the tons of extra premium features and benefits of every Symantec SSL purchase includes:

  • Vulnerabilities Assessments
  • Daily Website Malware Scanning
  • Norton Secured Seal – Most trusted mark
  • NetSure Warranty Protection – up to $1.75 million USD
  • Seal in Search – Technology to Increase Trustworthy in Search Engine Visibility
  • Access to the Strongest Encryption Algorithm: ECC
  • Up to 256-Bit Encryption
  • Green Address Bar in Web Browsers
  • Free Revoke and Replacement
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% All Browsers Compatibility
  • SSL support for both www & non-www
  • Protect Your Customers from Phishing Attacks
  • FREE Renewal
  • 24/7 FREE SSL Experienced Support

Why Buy Symantec SSL from Acmetek?

Acmetek is a Platinum partner with Symantec SSL certificates provider and we are authorized reseller of Symantec SSL Certificates. If you buy an SSL product from Acmetek, you will get a best-discounted SSL Certificate for your website compared to the market standard price. If you buy bulk Symantec SSL products or multiple years so that you will get more discount price on a certificate.

Our SSL support team consist of highly skilled and experienced SSL technical experts who have in-depth knowledge SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certificates and internet security, and they will guide you to choose a perfect SSL Certificate as well as during the SSL installation process also. We help you 24/7 with any SSL/HTTPS questions or concerns.

Why Acmetek

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